Sunday, August 16, 2009

OUCH! ! !

I've learned that a double meniscus-ectomy can be a big owie!

The doctor was nice enough to give me a copy of these pictures of Saturn he took during the
surgery. For some reason he thought they might help me to understand the problems he
discovered while scoping out my knees!

I'm still trying to figure out what these marks on my feet were all about.
Gus says that the nurse took her 2 year old in and gave her a pen to play with
to keep her quiet. She did a bit of scribbling on my knees, too.

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Markie23 said...

Hope you recover quickly. Are you still going to Germany?

ManicMandee said...

Ouch is right? Do they typically do surgery on BOTH knees at once? Yikes.

Cristin said...

Oh My gosh!!! That looks painful! Here's hoping for a quick recovery. Yikes.

Emily said...

Owie! I had no idea you were having surgery. Hope you get all better quick!

Ps. Now I know where I get my feet:)

Lynn Cooper said...

Doesn't look like too much fun! Couldn't you think of something better to do this summer?
Hope you're healing fast and will be able to enjoy your trip to Germany! Glad you have a super man around to help you with everything! Get well soon!
Love you!

Erin Beck said...

Ouch mommy! Hope you heal up fast! Love you

Jenny ESP said...

Glad you're healing up! And I don't know if emily is seeing that picture quite right--my mom's feet have always been the envy of every woman who sees them. Absolute perfection.