Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pioneer Day

These 2 were dressed for the occasion .

And grandpa worked hard to make them an
appropriate vehicle for the Pioneer Parade.

They were definitely the hit of the parade.

And we even managed to get them to participate
with the rest of the Primary in singing some great
pioneer songs.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

We were fortunate enough to have these lovely grandchildren join us at church this last Sunday.

Miss Wini,

Mr. Teddy,

and Mr. Wolfie.

After church, as we were driving these 3 lovely children home to their mommy, they all begged to come to our house first. So we made a quick call to mommy and were given permission to have them for lunch before returning them to their home.

As we were eating our lunch, Teddy stated that he liked our house more than his. He then asked if we wanted to know why. I, of course, had a few ideas in my mind as to why he so loved our home, but was very interested in hearing him say all those lovely things out loud, so I responded with a resounding, "Yes!"
He then gave us this simple bit of reasoning, "Because you never say no!"

Saturday, July 11, 2009

You're Missed

It was so great having Maddie and Frances around for
three whole weeks...but it makes it all the harder
when they leave us.
We miss you!!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just for Jenny

I found a few pictures that had your kids as a blur and was able to focus
in on this one of Homer, so thought I'd put it on the blog just for you.

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Picnic at Ann Morrison Park on 4th of July

These are just some random shots of the family as we
enjoy one another while waiting for the fireworks.
They may not be of much interest to anyone other than
those who were there and want a copy of their
particular loved one. Unfortunately, I don't have the skill
at photography that many of my family members have, but at least
I have the event documented!

Here's Sara and Maddie with Sara's PCS child.

Howie brings a smile to Erin's face.

Wini takes a break from talking to get her picture taken.

Grandpa is a hit with grandkids, Violet, Atticus, and Howie.

Not a very good picture of Frances, but I wanted everyone to know
she was there!

Atticus and Thomas playing together.
That's Anthony's brother and sister in law in the background
(Wade and Jenny)


Not sure if he just wiped out on this blanket
or if he was taking a quick break from play.

Cute little Atticus getting hydrated.

Erin, her friend Scott, Jenny, and Anthony.

Morgan, Sara, and Wini

Attius with a handfull of squished cookies.

Thomas, Katie, Violet, and Hazel enjoying their dessert.

Tom, with Calvin in the background.

Erin gives Maddie a big squeeze.

Dwight gives Amy a spot to sit, as there was a shortage of chairs.

Since I didn't get a good picture of Erin and Scott at the park
I decided to include this one taken the day before.

Jenny looks like she's enjoying herself.

Cord looking a bit rosy after spending the day in the sun.

Group shot as we wait by the marked off fireworks area.
We had prime seats for the spectacular fireworks.

Cousins play games while they wait for the show to start.

Is Howie cute, or what, in his cool hat?

Check out Hazel's pupils! Cool, huh?

Grandpa and Frances have something in common!

Hope the rest of you will put your pictures on line so I can nab a few that are surely better than mine.
Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

Our fun family weekend started off with a day at the zoo.
Here we are gathering at the entrance.

Our group pretty much filled up the monkey display.
Can you tell which ones are the people?

Calvin, Cord, Bailey, and Ella pose inside one of the hunts
in the new African area of the zoo.

Erin and Frances pose by the wharf while we wait
for the boat ride across the river.
Turned out to be a long wait as the boat wasn't running
this weekend!

Howie gives me a big smile as he pets this metal
giraffe, an animal he's not afraid to touch.

Homer's very happy to get a ride from his dad.

It was a stressful day at the zoo for Wolfie as he's not too
fond of living animals, but he braved a moment with this giraffe
as long as grandpa stayed in close contact.

Wini and Teddy certainly weren't too shy to give
this baby a quick hug.

Wini, Teddy, Howie, and Homer pose in this cute hut.

I think this was the only elephant we saw at the zoo.
Jenny, Anthony, and Homer saw much better in
our nations capitol.

Gus, Howie, Cord, and Amy explore this abandoned jeep.

Time for a quick snack break.

Teddy, Howie, and Ella having a bit of fun.

Wini gives being a turtle a try.

As does Ella.

Howie goes for the Parrot suit.

While Cord battles a giant boa constrictor.

Gus really gets into the role as turtle.

Howie and Ella by this neat totem.

After the zoo, we all head to The Idaho Fry Co. for some lunch.
The highlight of which, was a large bug crawling across Sara's Bison Burger!

Howie just can't handle anymore fun without a little snooze.

Wish you all could have been here with us. Tomorrow I'll show you some of the fun we had at Ann Morrison Park for the 4th of July.