Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

Our fun family weekend started off with a day at the zoo.
Here we are gathering at the entrance.

Our group pretty much filled up the monkey display.
Can you tell which ones are the people?

Calvin, Cord, Bailey, and Ella pose inside one of the hunts
in the new African area of the zoo.

Erin and Frances pose by the wharf while we wait
for the boat ride across the river.
Turned out to be a long wait as the boat wasn't running
this weekend!

Howie gives me a big smile as he pets this metal
giraffe, an animal he's not afraid to touch.

Homer's very happy to get a ride from his dad.

It was a stressful day at the zoo for Wolfie as he's not too
fond of living animals, but he braved a moment with this giraffe
as long as grandpa stayed in close contact.

Wini and Teddy certainly weren't too shy to give
this baby a quick hug.

Wini, Teddy, Howie, and Homer pose in this cute hut.

I think this was the only elephant we saw at the zoo.
Jenny, Anthony, and Homer saw much better in
our nations capitol.

Gus, Howie, Cord, and Amy explore this abandoned jeep.

Time for a quick snack break.

Teddy, Howie, and Ella having a bit of fun.

Wini gives being a turtle a try.

As does Ella.

Howie goes for the Parrot suit.

While Cord battles a giant boa constrictor.

Gus really gets into the role as turtle.

Howie and Ella by this neat totem.

After the zoo, we all head to The Idaho Fry Co. for some lunch.
The highlight of which, was a large bug crawling across Sara's Bison Burger!

Howie just can't handle anymore fun without a little snooze.

Wish you all could have been here with us. Tomorrow I'll show you some of the fun we had at Ann Morrison Park for the 4th of July.


Markie23 said...

I love your trip reports. Wish I were there too.

Erin Beck said...

My highlight was going back to the Fry Co. an hour later to sift trough all our leftovers in the trash in search of Frances teeth she threw away.

Memzy said...

So much to comment on! I'll just say this much: It's good to see Jenny had her iphone handy at all times.

ManicMandee said...

Wow, Zoo Boise really jazzed things up there. How fun you could all go together.

Jenny ESP said...

I had my iPhone ready because I forgot my camera and had to use it if I wanted to get any pictures. So I'm glad you were on top of things, mom.