Thursday, July 9, 2009

Picnic at Ann Morrison Park on 4th of July

These are just some random shots of the family as we
enjoy one another while waiting for the fireworks.
They may not be of much interest to anyone other than
those who were there and want a copy of their
particular loved one. Unfortunately, I don't have the skill
at photography that many of my family members have, but at least
I have the event documented!

Here's Sara and Maddie with Sara's PCS child.

Howie brings a smile to Erin's face.

Wini takes a break from talking to get her picture taken.

Grandpa is a hit with grandkids, Violet, Atticus, and Howie.

Not a very good picture of Frances, but I wanted everyone to know
she was there!

Atticus and Thomas playing together.
That's Anthony's brother and sister in law in the background
(Wade and Jenny)


Not sure if he just wiped out on this blanket
or if he was taking a quick break from play.

Cute little Atticus getting hydrated.

Erin, her friend Scott, Jenny, and Anthony.

Morgan, Sara, and Wini

Attius with a handfull of squished cookies.

Thomas, Katie, Violet, and Hazel enjoying their dessert.

Tom, with Calvin in the background.

Erin gives Maddie a big squeeze.

Dwight gives Amy a spot to sit, as there was a shortage of chairs.

Since I didn't get a good picture of Erin and Scott at the park
I decided to include this one taken the day before.

Jenny looks like she's enjoying herself.

Cord looking a bit rosy after spending the day in the sun.

Group shot as we wait by the marked off fireworks area.
We had prime seats for the spectacular fireworks.

Cousins play games while they wait for the show to start.

Is Howie cute, or what, in his cool hat?

Check out Hazel's pupils! Cool, huh?

Grandpa and Frances have something in common!

Hope the rest of you will put your pictures on line so I can nab a few that are surely better than mine.
Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July.


Jenny ESP said...

That was a nice day, and a spectacular fireworks show. Thanks for making the trip down there. Bummer that you didn't take any pictures of my family, since I forgot my camera. Oh well.

Erin Beck said...

Fantastic jobs on the photos. I love the last one of grandpa and Frances with their toothes. Glad Frances still has hers! We had a great time!

Cristin said...

I love all the pictures!!! looks like a good time!

Mary said...

I guess I only got pictures of those who came around me. I did manage to get a good one of Cord and a few of you and Anthony, but I couldn't get Homer and Gus to come near enough for a picture as they were having too much fun with their cousins.

Memzy said...

Looks like SRS fun!! I must know more about this pupil situation.

Memzy said...

Looks like SRS fun!! I must know more about this pupil situation.

Markie23 said...

I'm most excited to see Katie, as I thought she had dropped off the planet; and her kids, as I no longer get a daily dose of their cuteness on her blog.