Monday, July 13, 2009

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

We were fortunate enough to have these lovely grandchildren join us at church this last Sunday.

Miss Wini,

Mr. Teddy,

and Mr. Wolfie.

After church, as we were driving these 3 lovely children home to their mommy, they all begged to come to our house first. So we made a quick call to mommy and were given permission to have them for lunch before returning them to their home.

As we were eating our lunch, Teddy stated that he liked our house more than his. He then asked if we wanted to know why. I, of course, had a few ideas in my mind as to why he so loved our home, but was very interested in hearing him say all those lovely things out loud, so I responded with a resounding, "Yes!"
He then gave us this simple bit of reasoning, "Because you never say no!"


Markie23 said...

I love Miss Winny! And I like how she uses a fork, a spoon, AND a straw to eat her Top Ramen.

As Jonas was pounding on our wooden coffee table with a Lincoln log, putting hundreds of little dents in it, I thought of how if it was one of my kids doing that I probably would have yanked their arm out of its socket. But for some strange reason I felt that Jonas' talent for drumming needed to be developed, and that our coffee table was getting kind of old anyway, so I let him bang away. I'm glad to know its normal grandparent behavior, and that some day he will like my house better than his own.

eekareek said...

Teddy is always asking if I will just be a "yes mom". I tell him no.

Hot Pants said...

Teddy told me he didn't like my house. I thought it was because he liked the big one better, but now I know it is because I am definitely a no mom.

amanda said...

So you're one of those grandmas hu? Spoil them rotten.

Cristin said...

uh oh, you better not let the word get out.

Jenny ESP said...