Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving with Family

My favorite gatherings always include these people. . .

. . . who always bring along these people!

Sara cooked this bird to perfection and Morgan carved him up for us all.

Sara did a beautiful job setting up the tables and even made the water look special.
(Notice the water pitcher lined with oranges, limes, and lemons!)

There's lots more, but my blogger will only let me put up 4 pictures at a time.
But trust me, it was a great meal and great day.
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eekareek said...

It was a good time. Glad you remembered to document it...for the blogs.

Cristin said...

Looks like a good time! I love the pictures.

Lynn Cooper said...

It looks like a fun time! Great to have the younger generation taking over some of the traditions!!!

Hot Pants said...

It was a great day! Now I can't wait until Sunday! Hope you remember your camera.

Jenny ESP said...

I want to see more! Our grand kids are getting so big! Kinda sad.