Monday, October 26, 2009

A Day in Wurzburg, Germany

As most of you know, I just returned from a wonderful trip to
Europe with Liz and a couple of friends from Nampa.
We spent most of our time in Germany, but did venture into
Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and Luxembourgh.
It was an amazing trip and I took over 1200 pictures;
a record for me.
But not to worry, I'd never make you look at all 1200, but I thought
I'd give you a little taste over the next few days of what we saw.
You must keep in mind that I only had a tiny little Canon that I left
on automatic the whole time, so these pictures will not do justice
to the gorgeous scenery and architecture I saw, but it'll
hopefully give you an idea.

The day after we arrived, we drove into Wurzburg and the following pictures are of, what the Germans call, The Residence. It was used as a palace for the Bishop-prince. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside, so these are of the exterior and the gardens.

Peggy, Mary, and Liz in the Residence gardens

A view of the Residence from the gardens

In the gardens, there were several cone-shaped trees with lovely
sculptures attached to the trunks.

A view of the upper gardens from the lower gardens

A view of the back side of the Residence

Liz and Mary in the upper gardens

A view of the upper gardens

This is a picture of the Church of St. Burkurd's

This is a view of the Marienburg Fortress from the Residence. We did go up to the fortress and take some great pictures from there, that I'll have to post on another day.
Those are grape vineyards growing up the hillside.

This fountain is in the front courtyard of The Residence.

It was such a great time, that I love reliving through these pictures, so this is mostly for my pleasure, but I welcome any visitors who care to venture my way.


Katie said...

I've been waiting for this. I think I am going to have to take a trip all the way to Nampa to look at your pictures.

eekareek said...

I am way jealous.

Hot Pants said...

Man we live in a boring country...

Jenny ESP said...

Wow! I'm tagging along next time. Your camera is not as bad as you think. Those are some pretty fantastical pictures. I'll look forward to your daily installment.

Emily said...

How neat! What a great trip that must have been. I'm sure the pictures don't begin to do things justice. Thanks for sharing!