Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our Day in Nuremburg (#4 of Germany)

Nuremburg was an interesting and ancient city. We spent our time in the old town city center and ended up not having the time to tour the WWII history sites. I guess that's a good excuse to make another trip there, right?!

Many of the buildings in Nuremburg had sculptures, like this one, placed on the corners.

This is a view of St. Sebaldus Church, built in the 13th century.

This is The Schoner Brunnern, which means "beautiful fountain" and is in the main market square (Hauptmarkt). It was built sometime in the 14th century. There is a solid brass ring that hangs from the fountain and the superstition is that if you turn it three times, your wish will come true. Apparently, the people really believe that to be true, as there sure was a crowd of people lining up to turn the ring.

The day we were in Nuremburg they were having a Market day in the square, where they were selling all kinds of things, including some yummy looking food. Peggy and Fawn were eying those huge pretzels with the idea that they might make a great lunch.

This is The Frauenkirche, a Gothic church built between 1350-58, that sits in the middle of the Market Square.

Each day at noon, figures come marching out, that are said to be seven electoral princes, and these figures march around another figure (Charles IV) three times to chimed music. We were fortunate enough to be there at just the right time to watch this spectacle.

Peggy , Fawn, and Liz standing in the doorway of The Frauenkirche.

A view of the Market Square from across the street.

A closer view of St. Sebaldus Church.

Fawn on a Nuremburg, cobblestoned, street.

An ornate building in Nuremburg.

I liked the clock painted on the face of the building. These clocks appeared to work, as they did seem to have a shadow covering a number that coordinated with the correct time of day.

Another sculpture on the corner of a building.

The Kaiserburg (Imperial Castle) in Nuremburg.

That's me at the entrance to the Kaiserburg.

Peggy and Liz taking pictures in the courtyard of the Kaiserburg.

The gate we entered through.

More views of the Kaiserburg.

Mary, Fawn, and Liz by the door that leads into the Kaiserburg courtyard.

More views of the Kaiserburg courtyard.

The central tower of the Kaiserburg.

Liz, Mary, and Fawn in the Kaiserburg courtyard.

A view of the city of Nuremburg from the Kaiserburg.

This building is just outside the Kaiserburg. I liked all of those interesting dormers on it's roof.

That's Peggy pointing out our location on this relief map of Nuremburg.

The next day we took a drive along the Romantic Road in Germany, so I'll post some of those pictures tomorrow.

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Jenny ESP said...

You went to Germany and missed the WWII stuff?? K, you're definitely gonna have to go back. I'll go with you.

Can't wait to see this so called romantic road...