Monday, November 2, 2009

A Drive Down the Romantic Road (#5 of Germany)

There are many towns along the Romantic Road, but I've just downloaded a few pictures from three of the towns we stopped at.
The first town is called Tauberbischofsteim. How would you like to have to spit that out every time someone asked you where you were from?!

This is the town square of Tauberbischofsteim.

That's Peggy , Fawn, and Liz by the town square fountain.

One of many cute streets in the town.

If you look closely, you'll see that this cool fountain has stone toads hopping out of it.

One of the many timbered buildings in the town. This one stood out because of the pretty flowers under every window.

Next we stopped off in an old spa town named Bad Mergentheim that was established as the court of a Franconian king in 1219. The word "Bad" means spa.

This is the town hall situated in the town square.

That's me by a fountain in the town square.

One of the painted buildings in the town.

The last place we went to was Weikersheim.
That's me having a conversation with an interesting sculpture by Guido Messer, that we passed before we actually entered through the gates to the old town.

This is another one of Guido's masterpieces in the town square. Apparently, someone thought it needed a bit of color, so they donated a bright orange sweater to one of the women.
These modern sculptures seemed a bit out of place in this very old town.

This is the gate we entered through to tour the town of Weikersheim.

A sample of some of the cute buildings.

That's me by a fountain in the town square, with a Gothic parish church in the background.
You'll find that "me by a fountain" became a bit of a theme on our trip.

This is the entrance to the Palace. Those are two quadrant houses on either side of the entrance.

This is the Palace courtyard. This Palace was home to Counts, Lords, and finally Princes of Hohenlohe. It's now home to a music school and we were fortunate enough to get to hear them rehearsing. I'd say they sounded as if they didn't need any more schooling.

These last pictures are of the Palace Gardens. That's Fawn standing on the bridge that takes us into the garden.

The Palace with the gardens in front.

We loved these cute sculptures.

And we each took a turn posing with one.

Fawn picked this little guy. And. . .

. . .Liz picked this fellow.

Looking from the gardens towards the Palace and town.

The Palace

Another view of the Palace with one of the garden fountains in front.

The orangery at the far end of the Palace gardens.

One last view of the Palace with Fawn, me, and Peggy.

My next post will take us to Rothenburg ob der Tauber; a darling ancient walled town.
Of course, by now, you've seen that every town in Germany is darling.


Memzy said...

It's been great seeing all your pictures!

Jenny ESP said...

Adorable town! I don't know how it could be topped. Those statues made no sense tho. Upper body's resting on 1950's area elementary school desks? Ridiculous.

ManicMandee said...

That town is dripping with cuteness. Just like the ladies in those photos.

Elizabeth Bailey Waite said...

Love to see your pictures. I should have taken notes like the rest of you!