Thursday, November 12, 2009

Neuschwanstein Castle (#7 Germany)

After our tour of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, we drove to our new home in Burgau. It was further south, bringing us closer to the Austrian border and to the Neuschwanstein Castle.
Our first morning in Burgau, we got up early and drove towards the castle, taking us through some gorgeous countryside as we headed closer to the Alps.

The following pictures are some of what we saw as we drove that morning.

It took us a bit over an hour to arrive in the little town of Schwangau, that sat at the base of the mountain where the Castle stood. Schwangau was a darling town and the views of the castles from there were wonderful.

This is the Neuschwanstein Castle from the town of Schwangau.

This is another of Ludwig's castles seen from Schwangau. It's a bit closer to the town than the Neuschwanstein Castle and not quite as impressive.

Another view of Neuschwanstein from Schwangau.

The town of Schwangau. You can just see the castle to the side of this hotel.

A hotel in the town of Schwangau. That's Liz and Fawn at the bottom of the photo.

It was quite a walk up to the castle, so we took a horse drawn carriage part of the way.
Fawn is sitting by a cute girl from England who had recently bought that typical German outfit during her trip to Germany and was very proud of it.

This is a better view of the carriage that took us up the hill towards the castle.

This cute restaurant was near to the spot where we were dropped off. They were selling some wonderful treats that looked a bit like donut holes, but tasted so much better!

We still had a pretty long climb to get up to the castle, but the views as we walked along were fantastic and those with better camera's than mine, were getting some great shots of them.
I only got a picture of them taking their wonderful pictures.

A view of the castle as we got closer to it.

This is a model of the castle that was in a sort of museum area.

The entrance into the castle courtyard.

The castle courtyard.

Fawn and Peggy in the castle courtyard.

I don't have too many pictures with all of us, but we managed to get the dad of that "cute girl in her German outfit" to take a couple of pictures for us.
This one is of the view looking away from the castle and. . . .

. . . this one in the opposite direction, with the castle in the background.

This was our 6th day in Germany. I think I'll show you our home in Burgau on my next post.


Lynn Cooper said...

Looks like such a beautiful place., which I could have seen it with you! thanks so much for sharing the photos! Looks like you had a great trip! Love ya!

Jenny ESP said...

Half of those pictures look fake. So cool! I'm really hoping you ladies bought traditional German outfits and wore them in Burgau.