Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Marienburg Fortress in Wurzburg, Germany (post #2 of Germany)

After touring the Residence, or Palace, in Wurzburg, we drove up the hill to tour
the Marienburg Fortress.
The Celts began to fortify this area 1000 years before Christ and at the turn of the
13th century, the bishop princes began to extend the fortification.

That's Peggy standing at the entrance to the courtyard of the Fortress.

A view of the tower from inside the courtyard

Another shot of Peggy at the entrance to the courtyard

This is a building that housed a well. They had the well lit and
the other ladies got some great shots of how deep it was, but
my little camera's efforts came out black.

Liz and I within the courtyard, with the ancient chapel in the background

This is a view of Wurzburg from the Fortress

Another view of Wurzburg and the Main River from the Fortress

A view from the Fortress of the vineyards that climbed the hill up to the Fortress.
That prominent tan building is the St. Burkard Church

This is the Prince's Garden at one end of the Fortress

I think tomorrow I'll show you where we spent our first 4 days in
the little village of Morlesau and a nearby town called Hammelburg
where we did our grocery shopping.


Annie said...

You're not exaggerating about how many pictures you have taken. Keepem' commin'!

Jenny ESP said...

You may have a less expensive camera, but I think most of those photos are suitable for framing. Simply gorgeous! I feel like I was there. More please.