Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year's

Our New Year's Eve wasn't much to talk about, but New Year's Day
brought some fun guests.
Gus invited the Strassers over for a late (very late) breakfast.
Despite the late hour, there were a few in the bunch that were roused from their beds
and brought over as they were, in order to get in on the meal.

Hope you all had a great day that lasts all year long!


Emily said...

I would wake up at any hour if someone offered me a meal!

Happy New Year, Aunt Mary!

ManicMandee said...

So now you can do video too. You know how to do this blogging thing better than me. Awesome job.

Hot Pants said...

I would have come over too....if I had been's cool though.

Mary said...

Amy, you would have been invited had you not had your own company that you were feeding. We'll be sure and catch you the next time.

Landee said...

Waaaa waaaaaaaa <---- that comment is for Amy and said like Debbie Downer.

But srsly, I would have come too had I been invited. I mean, we are Facebook friends now! Holla Mary!!

Katie said...

I am so impressed. A video? You are for realz now. I kept on checking to see if my volume was down, until I realized there must be no music...

Wait, you're on facebook too? You are for realz!!

Mary said...

Katie: Sara gave me a lesson in slide show making, but even she had a hard time getting music, so that's something for another time. At the same time she put me on face book, but so far I haven't had an opportunity to explore it's possibilities.

Landee: No Debbie Downer here!