Friday, May 8, 2009

Banana Bikes continued

David proved he was man enough (or was it boy enough) to give the contraption a try!

Megan could zip around with the best of them

Eden looks more like she's sunning herself on a deck chair than roaring around on a bike

Cord had to squeeze himself on the kiddie bike as he wasn't quite long enough for the big guy bike

That ends another fun activity at the Family Thingy series. I think we'll check out the City of Rocks next.
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Annie said...

Mary you have done a wonderful job of docummenting our "thing". I love all your pics. Thanks for taking a few of my kids. I'm not so good at that. Keep em commin'.

Katie said...

Those things were too much fun. I am just thankful that you didn't catch a shot of me riding it. I was taking it way to seriously.