Friday, May 8, 2009

Banana Bikes...Yikes!

As all of you who attended the great Family Thingy of 2009 know, there was plenty to entertain us at Campus Grove.
One day, a few families contributed to the rental fee of several banana bikes and the fun began.
Almost everyone gave it a try. They came in two sizes, one size fit this guy, Cool Gus Esplin...

...and the other size worked well for this slick chick, Sara Strasser

From the look on Amy's face, I'm thinking she was hoping for one a little longer...

....and Homer was hoping for a motorized version

These aren't the only troupers.....I got a few more shots of some of the others willing to give these vehicles a try. Check out part II
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Jenny ESP said...

Thanks for posting all these pictures! Keep them coming.