Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Springs Preserve (The End)

What There Is to See Outdoors

There's lots to see outside at the Springs Preserve. Here
we are at the entrance.

Cord checks out the river bed.

Maddie adds some beauty to the beauty of the outdoors.

Cord, Frances, Gus, and Homer check out this cool
stone merry-go-round.

Here's the whole gang standing on the seats of this neat
outdoor theater.

Frances volunteers to be the star of the show.

Anyone named Gus raise your hand!

Jenny and the two Gus' take a stroll thru the pretty desert gardens.

Frances and Homer are fascinated by this gardening display.

Cord poses by this quite large cactus.

Erin was accidentally planted in this pot. But since she looked just right,
we picked her out and took her home.

The whole gang checks out this display, trying to figure it out.
No one did!

It was a great day, but time to go home.

Hope you get a chance to see it in person someday.



Jenny ESP said...

Ah, I loved it! Thanks for posting all these pictures and commentary. That was fun.

Erin Beck said...

That was fun to see all those pictures since I took none. Cant wait to get up toBoise and see all of you and get my kids back! I miss them bad!

Maddie said...

i looked soooo bad in those pictures it was windy and my hair was staticky!