Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Springs Preserve (Part 3)

The Springs Preserve Gift Shop

I think we had almost as much fun in the gift shop as we did in the museums!

They had some wonderful puppets. That's an owl that I'm
holding. He turns his head and blinks his eyes.

Gus took a liking to this large lizard.

Maddie, Cord, and Gus were even brave enough to take a ride on him.

Frances is admiring these great recycled pieces of art work.
They're spiders, frogs, turtles, and lady bugs, all made
from old military helmets and other pieces of metal works.

Jenny is taking Homer and Frances picture in front of the display as
a ruse for getting a pattern for her kid's next Saturday art project!

Homer and Frances find a cool spot to sit and rest for a moment.

It took the kids a while to notice that the floor they were walking on
concealed some pretty scary reptiles underneath.

Above the gift shop was a tasty Wolfgang Puck restaurant with this great view of the
city from their nice patio dining area.

The weather was so perfect that we decided to eat outdoors.
Here Grandpa is handing out the drink orders.

If you're not bored with this place, come back again for a few
pictures of some of the great museum displays.


Cristin said...

I'm not bored! Great pictures! Cute skirt by the way.

Elizabeth Waite said...

I loved your blogs on your trip. That looks like such an awesome place to take kids!

Jenny ESP said...

I love that restaurant at the springs preserve. Such a nice view. I want to see where you put dad's army helmet turtle.