Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Springs Preserve (Part IV)

The Museums at The Springs Preserve

There were many displays and museums at the Springs Preserve and we had a lot of fun checking them all out.
Here's Maddie, Gus, and Cord in the entrance to the first museum we entered.

The kids listened to some information on flash floods...

....then saw one come crashing in on them. Homer was a bit nervous,
but everyone else took it all in stride.

Maddie checks out the innards of a Gila Monster.

Frances does an even closer inspection and nearly ends up
inside forever!

Jenny isn't sticking her tongue out at you...
...she's just imitating the Gila Monster Cord is looking at behind the glass.

Erin gets a bit freaked out by this creepy vampire bat.

She and Jenny decide they want to check out something a little more fluffy.

Erin, Maddie, Cord, Homer, Jenny, and Frances pose
outside an Indian hut.

But Homer wants to see what's going on inside that hut!

This display informs us of the growth in the population in Las Vegas each
decade and the amount of water being used during that decade.
Jenny poses under "1970's" the decade she added to Las Vegas' population.

There's still more to show, so feel free to check us out again tomorrow.

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Jenny ESP said...

That was fun. If you have more, I'd certainly like to see it.