Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Art of Towel Folding

It's now time to confess that I actually skipped out on the Maasdam towel folding class. But not to fear. We were fortunate enough to have several samples delivered to our cabin and I'm sure that you are all clever enough to reproduce anything you particularly like. As you will see, we fell in love with a few of these little fellas.

Lynn took her little buddy home to Oregon, where it's just as
damp as the Caribbean, but not quite as hot.

I slept with this one. Isn't he cute?

We let this one have the bed to himself!

This was my personal favorite.......

The "Edward" of towel animals!

But this was Liz's favorite and she actually took him as her date to
the Captain's formal ball.

There were more, but I failed to get pictures of them all.
However, these were the best of the best and should get you started
on your careers as towel folding connoisseurs.


Hot Pants said...

I thought you meant you were going to show us how to properly fold a bathroom towel, for use in our own homes. Not on a cruise ship.

Markie23 said...

I loved all your pics. And I never thought you'd be the one to beat to be at the top of Katie's blogger list. Good job!

Jenny ESP said...

I had it in mind to compare your towel bed-fellow to Edward, when you beat me to it. What now? I don't even fold my towels in the usual square fashion. I just crumble them up in a ball and throw them in a pile in the corner of my bathroom.

Towel-Origami said...

Hi Mary,

If you'd like to learn how to make towel origami creations check out

I'm glad you had such a nice vacation.


Katie said...

Those are not creepy at all. Adorable! I like the monkey too. Sorry, but I am with Liz on this one. The elephant is more like Jacob, if you ask me.

Erin Beck said...

Jenny, you can get away with crumpling up a towel in a ball and making it look like a cute criiter just glue some googly eyes to it and walla!

Mary said...

Erin, sweetie, the word is 'voila', not 'walla'. That's 4 years of French talking. It means, "behold!" But I think you're right. All one needs is a good set of eyes; maybe several, depending on how many towels you plan to wad up and throw on the floor.