Friday, December 5, 2008

Come and Check out St. Kitts

As you will see, if you stick with this tour of the Caribbean,
we old ladies aren't too good at the interesting posing.
But lucky for all of you, the scenery is worth the browse!

This shot of Lynn, Mom, and Liz was the last one
we took before re-boarding the ship, but some how it
got left out. This is the port city of Basseterre.

As our ship pulled into Basseterre, St. Kitts, it was pouring
rain and we weren't too sure about trying to brave the
weather. But thank goodness we're committed tourists
because this island is beautiful.

Above you can see the downpour more clearly. We were
a little too brave, because if we'd have waited just a
few more minutes, we wouldn't have gotten soaked. But
we soon dried out when the sun came out and the temperatures
rose into the 80's.

As we toured the island we came across these locals
cleaning the fish they'd caught that morning.
Who knows, Mom may have eaten that fish
right there for dinner in the Maasdam dining room that night.

There are lots of these egrets all over the Caribbean, but we
were fascinated by this tree full of them that we spotted
on our way to the top of the island.

This young girl offered to let me have my picture
taken with her green monkey on my shoulder for
the bargain price of $1.00. But I offered her $2.00
to let me take a picture of the monkey on HER shoulder
and I felt that was definitely the better deal!

We came upon this beautiful spot at the top of the island
in the heart of the rain forest.

Can you believe this gorgeous vegetation?!

I'm a lover of trees like my dad was, and this is now
one of my favorites.

This is Lynn standing in front of these ruins.

A view of the rain forest.

At the top of this island is this fortification on
Brimstone Hill, that was built in the 17th century.
The views from here were to die for!

This is one of those "to die for" views. That island you see
in the distance is Nevis Island which is a part of the
St. Kitts federation.

That's me holding up that ancient cannon at Brimstone Hill.

And this is Liz at the entrance to the fort. We had to take
these pictures of ourselves as proof that we made the extremely
difficult climb up to this fort. Lynn and Mom accepted
defeat and stayed below.

More views of the island from the fort.

This is a ruin of an old sugar cane factory.

Lynn at a quick photo stop as we came back down
from Brimstone Hill.

Another old sugar cane factory. Sugar cane use to be the
main source of income for St. Kitts.

You can see from all these pictures that this island was a favorite. Believe it or not, this is only a sampling. If you made it this far through this post, I applaud you. If you lost interest halfway through, I am in complete sympathy. I'm doing these posts mostly for myself and I'm loving reliving the trip. I find that the anticipation before a trip and the looking at the pictures afterwords are always my favorite parts of any vacation.

I'm going to give you a break from island hopping tomorrow and instead I plan a lesson on the art of towel folding. So those of you who made it to the end of this post, spread the word to your friends who have an interest in this lost art.


Jenny ESP said...

I must go there! I must! And I must learn how to fold my towels! I must!

So, I just set up your blog to send you an email when someone leaves you a comment. I find that option to be handy, but if you don't like it, let me know and I'll take it off.

Memzy said...

I, for one, am honored that your post ended up crashing the Smart Remarks blog. It's the perfect storm.

Katie said...

I find towel folding a bit creepy. That is why I never do it at my house.

Those pictures were beautiful. Were all the ruins from the 17th century? I didn't know they had sugar back then. Or did I?

Cristin said...

I love the pictures! I may or may not tell my friends about the towel folding...I hope that's ok.

eekareek said...

I am jealous.

Annie said...

I'm so glad you got a shot of my Mom in shorts. Proof she can let loose have fun.

Hot Pants said...

I am already a towel folding artist. But I will still drop in to see if we do it similar. You were the one to teach me...
I think my mom should take that cruise with her daughters!