Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yum! Yum!

It was a cold snowy night, but thoughts of sugar plums...or was it ham and frog eye salad,
got us out of our warm, cozy homes and over to our hosts for the
December Sunday Dinner Night #2.
This is our fantastic hostess/cook/waitress/busboy/dishwasher,

and our host,
Morgan, looking quite pensive.

Look at this spread and kick yourself for ever moving away from Idaho!

A close up of the delicious ham....

...and frog eye salad. Yummmmmmy!

Many of my favorite people were there, including
Tom and Katie (and Atticus..there are no pictures of Katie without Atticus attached to her hip).

And Amy and Dwight.

There were lots of darling munchkins there.
Amy's forcing a bit of lovin' on one of 'em, Wolfie.

And gramps is getting some attention from Wini, Bailey, Hazel, and one who mustn't be named.

The munchkins had lots of fun together.
Here's Howie, Thomas, and Teddy giving me their best poses.

These best cousins, Ella and Hazel, got in some good playin' time.

Calvin is a great friend to all of his cousins, even little Violet.

I love this picture. Would you believe this is.........

This cute little boy, Thomas?

Violet, Howie, and Atticus had every piece of the train set out before the evening was over.
But the GREAT Bailey cleaned it all up for his auntie Sara.
Yeah, Bailey!

And Wolfie, was just Wolfie all evening....cute, sweet, etc.

It's hard to get the kids to notice their grandparents when there are so many fun cousins to play with. But thankfully, these two cuties took a few minutes out for a hug from their grammy.

While we were all playing, hugging, etc. Sara was cleaning and making frosting so that the munchkins could decorate these gingerbread men Sara baked earlier in the day.

Ella was first to start....when asked what the two jelly beans on the back of her gingerbread man represented, she replied, "His butt!" So imaginative!

The following are the munchkins proudly displaying their artistic efforts.

At last it was time for our sad farewells.

I was fortunate enough to get a hug from this handsome fella.

We were all reluctant to head out into the cold.
Amy and Dwight were the first to brave it.

Followed by Tom and Katie.

It was a sad moment, but thankfully we all knew that we would be getting together the very next night for Amy's annual Bailey Christmas party. So we finally left Sara and Morgan
to clean up the mess and get their house back in order.

Thanks, Strassers, for a wonderful evening.
We love you!


Memzy said...

This new knowledge of pictures and posting is making for VERY good posts around here. That ham made me drool right her on my computer desk.

Cristin said...

Sooo, ummm how can I get in on these dinners??? Hypothetically speaking if I happened to move to Idaho, would I hypothetically be able to come to these dinners because pictures alone made me hungry and I just ate.

Hot Pants said...

We would change the dinners to every Sunday, not just December Sundays, if you moved up here Cristin. And Sara would cook them all cuz she's the best at it.

eekareek said...

Not true, Amy, your dinner was scrumptious. MMMMMMM Pot Roast. The ham definitely tasted better than it looked.

Jenny ESP said...

Mmmmmm... frog eye. I've been craving that since Thanksgiving. I love Howie's gingerbread man, BTW.

Sam, Shel & Co said...

Wow, almost makes me wanna move to Boise. Almost...

Mary said...

You're all encouraged to move to Idaho and join in the Sunday dinner program. The more the merrier.

Emily said...

Aunt Mary has a Bon Jovi song on her blog! I'm so distracted now that I forgot what I was going to say.


I sure wish we lived there so we could get in on these fun family dinners.

Mary said...

Emily: I love THAT Bon Jovi song, but it's the only one of his songs I do like!