Sunday, December 14, 2008

Last Stop: Tortola, British Virgin Islands

This was a really beautiful island and we drove all the way around it.
Our ship docked in Road Town, Tortola, which is the capital of this little 3 mile by 12 mile island.

This view of the island also highlights the rear ends of Lynn, Liz, and Mom.
I was fortunate enough to be the one with the camera.

Our driver's first stop was at this cute little shopping area and marina.
The day was cooler and the views from here were lovely.

From the marina our driver took us all the way around the island with many stops for pictures.

In this one, you can see some of the more than 50 other islands that make up the
British Virgin Islands chain.

Here's another one of those rare shots with all four of us together.
It was definitely a fun time to be with both of my sisters and mom.

You can see some of those other islands in this pix, also.

Is that the bluest sky and water you've ever seen?

You can just barely see our ship in this shot.

You can see it a bit better in this one.

And I just had to be in the last picture of our Caribbean tour.

There was actually one last stop in the Bahamas at Half Moon Cay, which is an extremely small island that is owned by Holland American cruise lines. But it was a cold day and nothing on the island but a beach to lounge on, so we opted to stay on board and spend the day playing pitch.
I hope you enjoyed the tour. I'm sure it has been much more fun for me to relive it, but thanks for stopping by.



Jenny ESP said...

Beautiful pictures mom. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I'll look for your blurry Sunday dinner pictures tomorrow.

Katie said...

How did I miss this post? I am a bit sad it is over. Repost in the summer when it feels like it is actually possible to wear shorts. Right now, it feels like photo shop.