Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Most Wonderful Man in the World

Gus Morgan
Born December 17, 1942

Anyone who knows Gus, loves him. In fact, I've known him for 43 years and have never met a person who didn't immediately take a liking to him.
I have never met anyone who is as unselfish and as compassionate as Gus.
I don't imagine there are too many men out there who volunteer their time to help disabled preschool children. We seem to constantly come in contact with people who say they have heard of Gus through some connection with Parkview Elementary School and immediately begin to tell us of all of the people who speak highly of him.
He is someone who I have been able to count on for the last 41 and a half years. He has never let me down. He treats me like a queen even when I know I don't deserve it.
(I'm the first to admit I can be a bit of a pain.)
He loves his children and grandchildren with a passion and would do anything for them. Even with his daughters all grown and married, he can't help but worry over them and feel a need to do something for them. He hates doing his own yard work, but will go over to their homes and clean up their yards or their garages.
Let's face it, he's just a genuinely nice guy!
He likes to be busy and can't just sit still for more than a few minutes.
He has been a wonderful provider.
He has a fantastic sense of humor and loves to have fun.
He has always been a great support to me in anything I've ever done or wanted to do.
He puts everyone else's needs before his own.
I love him more than I can say and am so grateful to be celebrating another one of his birthdays.
I hope to celebrate many, many more.
Happy Birthday!


Jenny ESP said...

Let me be the first to say (in the comments here) Happy Birthday dad! Everything mom said is very true and we love you for all those reasons mentioned. I hope you enjoy that hand grenade belt buckle I got you.

Markie23 said...

Gus is da man! Happy Birthday!!

Memzy said...

Gus is one of the first people I met on that side of the family when Shed and I got engaged. And it's true, I liked him from the very first moment when he joked about, "What do you see in THIS guy?". HA!

And that belt buckle is awesome. I've seen it with my own eyes.

Emily said...

Happy Birthday uncle Gus!! You can tell him I"m not scared of him anymore. Hope you have a great day!

Katie said...

Ditto! Gus is so nice, and good, and funny, and thoughtful, and I liked him from the moment i met him. Even my neighbor has heard about, and loves, Gus.

Happy Birthday!

Hot Pants said...

True Dat!!! He's the best dad I've ever had!! Happy Birthday Dad!!

Sam, Shel & Co said...

Meg was an Uncle Gus fan the minute she met him. I think Uncle Greg still scares her a bit, but she used to tell us that "Uncle Gus is the silliest!".

Happy Birthday, Gus!

Cristin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I agree, I liked him from the start, and he is the silliest!

Elizabeth Waite said...

Happy Birthday Gus!! You have always been my hero!

Elizabeth Waite said...

Happy Birthday Gus!! You have always been my hero!

Erin Beck said...

I love my daddy baby..oh wait that would be me! I loved my dad from the moment I met him! He IS fo' sho' the most selfless man I have ever known and I admire the way he treats his wife, she can be a pain in the neck you know! ha ha just kidding mom. Happy Birthday Dad!

eekareek said...

I love you, too, dad. You are the greatest dad in the world! HAppy Birthday!

Lynn Cooper said...

Happy Birthday Gus! I have always thought that Mary made the right choice in a husband from day 1. I think she was so crazy about you that she would never have married if she hadn't gotten you! You are everything she said and more. Your kids can testify to that! I have always enjoyed your humor and you've been a great "brother"! Best wishes for another great year! love,
Aunt Lynn