Sunday, December 7, 2008

How About a Visit to Dominica

We received our first view of Roseau, Dominica from our
breakfast table on the Maasdam.

We were impressed enough to go out on deck and take
a few more panoramic shots of the island before walking
onto land and exploring it for ourselves.

This one is for the scrapbooks; you know, the one
that proves I was actually there.
P.S. That's another one of those windy day hairdos.

Before we could check out the island we had to make a
quick stop at the local bazaar.

This stop was about halfway up to the top of the island.
Our guide said this was the perfect spot for picture taking.
It was also the perfect spot for another "bazaar."
(I think he got a commission for this stop)
Our guide was kind enough to take this shot of the 4 of us together.

This is a telescoped view of what our bodies were blocking.
That is the Maasdam docked in the port.

This shot gives you a better look at what we saw
from up there.

We saw lots of interesting critters along the way.
I'm sad that my picture doesn't let you see the polka dots
on this caterpillar's head, and......

...that I couldn't get this entire banyan tree in the pix.
It was a fabulous tree, and you know how I love trees!

We were told that no children were hurt when a
hurricane caused this tree to fall on the bus that you
see squashed under it.

This was our final destination. We took this drive, with the purpose of seeing a fantastic waterfall. But when we got to the top of the island, we were told that it was about a
2 mile, treacherous walk from this point. So you, along with us, will just have to use your imaginations and picture this gorgeous waterfall, somewhere up on this mountain,
amongst all that thick vegetation. Pretty, isn't it?

Tomorrow: Barbados


Katie said...

So they just left that bus there? Crushed under that tree? For the tourist?

Jenny ESP said...

Your ship looks HUGE in that picture. It dwarfs those buildings. And you know what? You look hawt with wind-blown hair.

PS. Do you realize that Katie, on her blog, is promising us pictures of your Sunday dinners on your blog? You better deliver.