Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sunday Dinner at the Thurston's

I'm not only a ditz when it comes to blogging, but I have the same problem when it comes to cameras. I had my camera set on the wrong setting and so all of my pictures were blurred.
I'm only posting these pictures because Katie said I'd be the one posting pictures of our wonderful Sunday dinner. These are the really good blurry pictures. I'm sparing your eyes the harmful effects of the bad blurry pictures by not posting them. So you won't get the full effect of the wonderful evening and meal :o(

These are our wonderful hosts and cooks for the evening: Dwight and Amy.
Of course, the little fellow to the left of Dwight is our precious Atticus.
And that arm you see digging into Dwight's delicious grilled veggies belongs to Sara.

Amy made the pot roast, potatoes, carrots, rolls, and gravy.
Yum Yum!!

Bailey and Calvin had prime seats at the bar and
weren't too blurry to add to the post.

This is a bit blurry, but I couldn't pass up the chance to let you see
Ella's special Sunday table manners!
You can also see Hazel, Teddy, Wini, Wolfie, and the boy who can't be named.
Oh, you also get a peek at Violet's arm.

Now this is the highlight of the evening,
courtesy of Dwight's fantastic culinary abilities.
This was the most tasty pumpkin bread pudding ever!

Dwight served it up with a special homemade caramel sauce and a side of vanilla ice cream
(the only thing he didn't create from scratch).

Wini said it was yummy.

And Howie agreed.

After dinner we played a "winner takes all" round of trivia.
Dwight and Amy boasted they could take us all on.
Howie was our official "roller of the dice" man.

I didn't want to show you all of the sad losers faces, so I got
you a close up of the game board instead. If you look VERY
close, you can see that the Thurston's "hooker boot" game piece has
every chip in place and the sad loser "elf" game piece only has one chip in place.
Is it just me, or does anyone else think it's rude to not let your guests win?!

Thanks Amy and Dwight for a wonderful evening. Next week we'll be at Sara and Morgan's and I will make sure my camera is on the proper setting, 'cause I know you gize don't want to miss out on a single moment of the Morgan December Sunday Dinner Nights.


Katie said...

There it is!
BTW- it is fine to post blurry pictures. I do it all the time.

Jenny ESP said...

Your camera has a "blurry" setting? I guess some people might find that useful.

Hot Pants said...

The hooker boot always wins.

Memzy said...

I just can't get over how much it tickles me that you use "gize" in your posts and comments. I think you might be in the runing for coolest mom ever,....next to my mom of course.

So, if I ever come to town am I invited to such a dinner? That sounds RAD.

Markie23 said...

I see a few fingers and part of a fork in that first picture and am left wondering who it is. I may not be able to sleep until that's cleared up.

I even love the lousy bread pudding at Sizzler, so I can't begin to imagine the party that would be happening in my mouth with that stuff. It looks SOOOO good!

Mary said...

Mark: I have been worrying about you getting sleep deprived, but couldn't get to this any sooner. Those are Gus' fingers and fork. No please, go get some rest!
Jenny: Blurry settings on cameras are a must. I insist that all pictures taken of me be on that setting!
Memzy: Please let my kids know that I am cool...they haven't figured that out yet. And of course, consider yourself invited to any family dinners. How are you at trivia?
Amy: I call the 'hooker boot!'
Katie: Nothing....just didn't want you to feel left out!