Friday, December 26, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa Take to the Road

Since all of the kids made the trek to our house for Christmas Eve, it was our task to hit the road at first light and make the rounds to each of their homes on Christmas morning.

The roads were treacherous, but we managed to slip and slide our way to the first stop:
Home of the Morgan Strasser Family

We arrived in time to see Wini open her major gift:
Baby Alive

I must tell you that she didn't seem all that thrilled with the gift.
She insisted I include her transformer in my picture of she and Baby Alive.

I understand her motherly instincts took another dive when Baby Alive did her first
poo poo! She found it a bit disgusting to be on the other end of a diaper change.

Teddy seemed pretty thrilled with everything he opened.
This light saber brought a big grin to his face.

The big guy was quite pleased with these cars. He told me he was a big collector.

Wolfie was pretty quiet during the whole unwrapping process, but did get a smile on his face when grandpa removed another Chevron car from the packaging and handed it to him.

Here he is with a couple of favorite gifts....his new brown gloves and a pink Chevron car.

Teddy and Wini's favorites were these transformers.
I believe one was named Bumblebee and the other Optimus Prime.

They immediately had a battle of the transformers.

The final scene before we headed off to our next stop.

As we arrived at the home of the Thurston family, we were greeted by this adorable little guy who proudly displayed his new hat and gloves. From the way things looked on our drive over, he's going to be able to put those gifts to good use.

Bailey was very pleased with a new book. Did you know he was an avid reader?

Calvin was busy trying to figure out this interesting puzzle.
Before we left it had been solved....way to go Calvin!

Amy was busy in the kitchen assisting Ella with a big cooking project using Ella's new cooking, decorating apparatus.....can't remember the official name, but obviously it was a big hit.
Dwight wasn't too sure their cupcake maker would really work, but he was proven wrong.

Calvin received this three D puzzle from his Christmas Eve treasure hunt and is proudly displaying his ability to put it together. Looks great, huh?

Ella was very pleased with a gift that was really for John, the hampster.
He's in there and is soon rolling across the living room floor in his nifty new exercise ball.

Grandpa got a lesson in patience as he tried to help Howie figure out how to transform his transformers into whatever they transform!

A final pose from 4 exceptionally sweet grand kids!

Our final destination took us out to Eagle and the home of the Morgans.
We found poor Katie incapacitated and in terrible pain due to this stuff....
She had a bad slip and slide accident on her way down the driveway to pick up the newspaper.

She was doing her best to be a good sport. We're hoping nothing vital is cracked, or broken, so that she'll be up and about soon.

Violet was very happy with a new DS that she's displaying below.

Hazel is showing me all of the books she got from Santa.
Would you believe a little 7 year old could read all of those.
Hazel is definitely an exceptional little girl.

Thomas is more into Wii, so this game put a smile on his face.

Atticus was at first terrified by this new bear who wiggles and such.
But he soon became a bit more comfortable with it's presence.

The family gift of Rock Band (I think that's what it was called) was the big hit of the morning.

Even grandpa thought it was fun.

Thomas gave grandpa a lesson in how it's done.

Hazel and Violet got new matching hats, gloves, and scarves.

Don't they look cute in them.

That was our last stop. It was a joy to see all of the happy faces on Christmas morning.
We returned home and made a few phone calls to the loved ones who are far away.
It was fun getting to hear how the morning went at each of their homes.
Thanks to all of you for the wonderful, thoughtful, gifts we received and most especially for the beautiful posterity you have blessed us with.
We love you all with all our hearts.
Merry Christmas


Erin Beck said...

See mom, I comment on your blog. Looks like everyone had a good Christmas.

Jenny ESP said...

Glad you all had a great Christmas! Love ya, mom!

Hot Pants said...

Hazel and Ella got the same scarf/glove set...Kohl's right Katie? Thanks for making the trek over to see us!

ManicMandee said...

You are some great Grandparents. How nice of you to go visit them all in their own elements.

Sam, Shel & Co said...

You sure have a cute bunch of grandkids.

Looks like Christmas was lovely, even with the weather.

Emily said...

Looks like you were in Grandma and Grandpa HEAVEN!!