Monday, December 8, 2008

Take a Look at Bridgetown, Barbados

After St. Kitts and Dominica, with smaller towns, no real
shopping, and a lot of exposed poverty, Barbados seemed a
bit more commercial. Our visit started with a walk through the
shopping district at Pelican Village.

Mom found something she liked right off!
She turned native the day
before when she bought that colorful shirt.

Diamond International is in all the major ports and we had to
make a quick stop there to pick up our "free gift."
You all know there is no such thing as a free gift, right?
The price you pay is high pressure sales people attaching themselves to you like leeches
and not letting go until someone in your party agrees to let them bleed her dry.
We sacrificed Liz! Much better than being thrown into a volcano, because not only are you allowed to live, but you live looking quite elegant, covered in jewels!

This is Lynn giving Liz a big hug of appreciation for getting us out of
Diamond's International unscathed...oh and that's Bridgetown in the background.

This is Heroes Square, the center of town and where we picked up a taxi to
take us on a tour of the island.

This is the only picture I took on our tour and as I recall
we didn't see much in the way of "sights" on our quick drive.
But this beach was definitely a lovely spot despite the heat and humidity.

So we headed back to town to check out the interesting city sites.
These next 2 pictures are of the Parliament buildings of Barbados.

The next 2 pictures are of the Careenage; the area along the
wharf. We thought we could make the walk back to the ship
but soon learned we weren't up to a 4 mile walk in 88 degree
heat that was accompanied by 100% humidity.
Thankfully we found a cab.........air conditioned cab, to be precise.

This was the prettiest part of Barbados and I quite like this picture.
If you want to stop by tomorrow, I'll have a few pictures of St. Lucia for those faithful followers
of my walk through memory lane.


Hot Pants said...

I need a vacation. Preferably to somewhere hot and humid.

Katie said...

I love the buildings with the painted on windows. I wonder if they had outdoor scenes painted on the inside?

Memzy said...

Such pretty colors!

Katie said...

I saw you updated, but when i came, there was nothing new. Did you make another faux pas? That is ok, you'll get it soon enough.

Paul and Mar Jean said...

Mary how wonderful to hear from you. I had lost track send your email or address

Jenny ESP said...

Now, you said there was no history in the Caribbean. You stand corrected, I think.

Erin Beck said...

mother, I promise im totally reading yer blog and not just skimming but most importantly Im impressed with how active you are since you had a lesson from Jenny. Maybe I should call her over to my house!

Erin Beck said...

also mommy, I miss you gise

Mary said...

Erin, I miss you too and want you to do more blogging. Get Jenny over for a quick lesson.

Jenny, I guess I meant that there weren't many historical sights, and most of the history isn't as interesting to me as European history.